Audio and home theatre mailing lists and forums

Audio and home theatre mailing lists and forums

Note that topic specific mailing list and formums are not included in the listing here but rather in that topic or in a resource listing, see Solo Electronics for an example. Unlike webpages the lists/forums are only given a geographical location if they are specifically intended for a geographically constrained membership.

Hi-Fi only lists

Klans (English/Malaysia)
Malaysian HI-Fi discussion list hosted by Yahoo, mostly high end stuff discussed. Unusually dynamic list, there can been months with almost no traffic and then a few hundred messages in a week....

TNT Audioaddicts (English)
Hosted on Yahho groups, discussions on high end audio with a strong, almost fanatical emphasis on 2 channel systems, was very popular around the turn of the century but these days sees only 5% of the trafic is used to generate then.

Yahoo HiFi list (English)
General discussions on hi-fi matters, low volume.

Hi-Fi and AV lists (English)
USA based hi-fi forum, has some general audio and AV forums but the main business model of the site is centred around selling audio makers the access to their own forums on the site and thus the bulk of the forums are manufacturer specific.

Hifisentralen (Norwegian)
Norwegian hi-fi forum and auction/small ads site, although it has some music and home theatre content it is very low key compared to the hi-fi side. The site was originally set up by Jostein Berntsen as a hi-fi news site in 2000 but he was joined a year later by Thomas SŠtervadet who developed the forum, the latter is the owner of H°ium Data & Hifi AS. BTW., by 2006 the news content and articles had been removed and Hifisentralen had become a pure forum. Despite having some adverts the site is a non-commercial entry and all who work on it do so on a volunteer basis.

Toronto Audiophiles (English/Canada)
Kanuk audiophiles discussion list hosted by Yahoo, very low volume these days, but does come alive if you ask a question.

Car audio only lists (English)
USA based website, primarily a forum although there is a little bit of editorial content.
New Horizon Network, LLC, 215 Howard St., Mount Airy, North Carolina 27030, United States of America.

Film, video, DVD and Blu-Ray lists

DVD Talk
Hugely popular USA based movie forum that also has quite a lot of reviews and news of/and in regards to new DVD and Blu-Ray releases as well.
Internet Brands, Inc., 909 North Sepulveda Blvd., 11th Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA.
Tel: +1 800 692 2200..

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