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Sagitter See --> Proel

French company that manufactures effect machines such as confetti, snow, fog and wind machines and associated accessories and consumables. In addition to products suitable for discos and clubs they also make much larger units suitable for open space events and movie sets & so on.
Distribution: In Hungary by Pako
Homepage: .
SFAT Industrie, 6 rue du Parc, 71880 Chatenoy le Royal, France.
Tel: +33 385 900 660. Fax: +33 385 936 336.

SGM Technology for Lighting spa
Italian manufacturer of lighting products and systems, including controllers, gobos, special effects, so on, so forth.
Distribution: In Argentina by Prind-Co and in Romania by Stage Expert
Homepage: .
SGM Technology for Lighting spa, Via R. Sanzio 13, 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE), Italy.
Tel: +39 0522 274 411. Fax: +39 0522 232 428. E-Mail: info {at}

Soundlab See --> Electrovision

StageDex See --> Prolyte

Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH

German company that sells lighting, theatrical and decorative products under the Eurolite and FutureLight brands; bulbs, LED modules and other lighting replacement products using the Omnilux marque; trussing and stands using the Alutruss stencil; DJ, pro-audio and musical instrument products under the Omnitronic name; Musical instruments under the DiMavery brand; PA and sound reinforcement products under the PSSO name, and fake plants and other decorations under the EuroPalms label

The company also acts as a non-exclusive distributor of Perri's Leather and Madrix.
In Finland & Sweden by Audiotrade Ňland and in Norway by Lyd og Lys Norge AS. Eurolite only distribution: In Italy by Matrix AVL and in South Africa by Rolling Thunder Distributors. Omnitronic only distribution: In Croatia by Euromusic Agency
Homepage: .
Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH, Andreas-Bauer-Strasse 5, 97297 WaldbŁttelbrunn, Germany.
Tel: +49 931 40 61 600. Fax: +49 931 40 61 700

Studio Due
Italian company that manufactures architectural and theatrical illumintation and controllers.
Distribution: In China by Guangzhou Ruisheng Audio & Light Equipment, in Ireland by Muse Holdings and in Malaysia by Acoustic & Lighting System
Homepage: .
Studio Due light srl, Strada Poggino 100, 01100 Viterbo, Italy.
Tel: +39 0761 352520. Fax: +39 0761 352653.

SunStage (Stages) See --> TaiShan Tule Audio Technology

Sylvania See --> OSRAM

Tachai Group

Taiwan based company with production facilities in both its home country and China, primarily a manufacturer of light sources of any kind including LED's and LED arrays, neon glow and fluorescent bulbs, laser diodes and so on, much of it for the OEM market, but also manufactures LCD screens. Tachai also has a subsidiary called Apex Assembly Co. that manufactures parts such as cable assembly's, housings and metal parts such as heat sinks but is better known as a contract manufacturer of electronic goods and was for a while very popular with audio company's as an assembler of hi-fi and AV separates before most of them moved their production to China. The Apex division has more recently started manufacturing an intriguing series of mini hi-fi separates under the Brik brand.
Distribution: Brik audio products are distributed in Canada by Liberty Trading and in the UAE by mmaasMedia
Homepage: -- Apex homepage -- Brik Audio homepage.
Tachai Group, 3F, No.28, Ln.260, Sec.2, ZhongYi Road, GueiShan Township, Taoyuan County, 333, Taiwan.
Tel: +886 3328 9599† (Tachai) or +886 3318 2255 (Apex). Fax: +886 3328 9529 (Tachai) or +886 3327 7575 (Apex). E-Mail: apex |at|

TaiShan Tule Audio Technology Development Co. Ltd.
Chinese company that manufactures stages, platforms, pro-audio, video and lighting transport cases and related hardware and parts. Operates as an OEM but also sells cases and trunking under the Racks Industrial and Odyssey names, and stages & related products under the Sunstage brand.
TaiShan Tule Audio Technology Development Co. Ltd., Unit1-1#, B Zone WenHua, ShuiBu, TaiShan, Guang Dong, China.
Tel: +86 (0)750 5460888 and +86 (0)750 5457559. Fax: +86 (0)750 5460666..

Tec See --> Lyd og Lys Norge AS

Telefunken (LED's) See --> Telefunken

Unitec (Cases & Racks) See --> Unitec Products

Venue See --> GTRC Services

VenuFluid See --> Electrovision

Vivitek (Projectors) See --> Vivitek

Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co. KG
German manufacturer of scaffolding systems and event platforms, the company invented the modular scaffolding system and usually trades as just Layher.
Distribution: In Angola by Leinunes Audio Comercial
Homepage: -- Swedish homepage -- UK homepage.
Wilhelm Layher GmbH & Co. KG, Ochsenbacher Strasse 56, D-74363 GŁglingen-Eibensbach, Germany.
Tel: +49 (0)7135 700. Fax: +49 (0)7135 70 265. E-Mail: info =at=

Work See --> Equipson

Yajiang Photoelectric

Chinese manufacturer of LED based lighting products such as spots, arrays, followspots and so on, primarily an OEM but their products are also sold in Asia under their own Silver Star and Arctik brands.
Distribution: In India by GM Audiotechnics and in Malaysia by Acoustic & Lighting System
Homepage: .
Yajiang Photoelectric, No.18 Huahui Road, Lianglong Overseas Chinese Industrial District, Huanshan Town, Guangzhou 510880, China.
Tel: +86 20 86947788. Fax: +86 20 86943773. E-Mail: sales |at|

Yamaha See --> Yamaha Corp.

Yorkville (Controllers etc) See --> Yorkville Sound

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