Distributors of Hi-Fi and other audio equipment in Hungary

Hungarian pro-audio and MI distributors

A.I.D.A. Audio
Distributes In-Akustik.
Homepage: http://www.aida-audio.hu
A.I.D.A. Audio Kft., Arpad ut 88, H-042 Budapest, Hungary.
Tel: +36 1 248 2030. Fax: +36 1 248 2039. E-mail: zskubik at aida-audio.hu.

Albacomp Computers
Imports Apple Computer Corp., MSI, Panasonic, Quadral, Samsung and Yamaha Corp..
Homepage: http://www.albacomp.hu
Albacomp Computers Corp., Martirok utja 9, HU-8000 Szekesfehervar .
Tel: +0 22 51 54 14 (General Enq.) +36 22 515 457 (Hi-Fi). Fax:+36 22 515 438. E-mail: hifi.szfvar at albacomp.hu.

Distributes Creek Audio, Epos Acoustics, Eichmann, Morel Acoustics and Vincent.
Amtron Kft., H-1095, Budapest Soroksári út 48., Hungary
Tel: +36 309 148 921. Fax: + 361 279 01 11. E-mail: aacos at mailbox.hu.

Annex Trading
Distributes Audio Magic Productions, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), JAMO, Onkyo, Russound, Sharp and System Fidelity.
Homepage: http://www.annex.hu/ - Alternative homepage
Annex Trading Co., Budafoki str. 60, "A" building, H-1117 Budapest.
Tel : +36 1382 7012. Email: csilla.berecz at annex.hu.

Audio Tuning
Imports Krell, Musical Fidelity and Pro-Ject.
Homepage: http://www.audiotuning.hu
Audio Tuning, Szasz Karoly u. 3., H-1027 Budapest, Hungary.
Tel: +36 1 201 8906. Fax: +36 1 201 3741. Email: audiotuning at audiotuning.hu

Distributes Audio Consulting.
Homepage: http://www.auditorium.hu
Auditorium KFT., H-1015 Budapest, Batthyány utca 59, Hungary.
Tel: +(1)213 9655. Fax: +(1)214 5946. E-mail: info at auditorium.hu.

Double Reed
Distributes Analysis Audio and Stax.
Homepage: http://www.double-reed.hu
DOUBLE REED CO., H-1036 Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 65 Fszt.3, Hungary.
Tel: +361 3884434. Fax: +361 4541389. E-Mail: double.reed at axelero.hu.

Horn Distribution See --> Horn Distribution ( Alpine, Boston Acoustics, Canton, Conran Audio, Dali, Denon, Eltax, Elipson, Focal (Car audio only), Ground Zero, Hed Kandi, Jays, Ministry of Sound, Optoma, Q Acoustics, QED, Sonos and Wharfedale (Home audio only))

Distributes Imerge.
E-Mail: robid at infoscreen.hu.

Inter Audio
Distributes Hegel.
Homepage: http://www.interaudio.hu
Inter Audio, POB. 149, 1704 Budapest.
Tel: +0620 313 4595. E-Mail: info at interaudio.hu.

KáCsa Audio Co. Ltd.
Distributes Soundcare products.
Homepage: http://www.kacsa-audio.hu
Tel: +361 220 9100. Fax: +361 220 9101. Email: kacsa-audio at axelero.hu

Distributes Manger.
l'auditeur - Proportio KFT, Hoegyes Endre u. 1. II/2., H-1092 Budapest.
Tel: +061 21 71 778 and +0620 9429 750. E-Mail: info at lauditeur.hu.

Limited Edition Audio
Distributes Harmonic Technology, Magnepan, JJ Electronic, LC Audio, Odyssey and more.
Homepage: http://www.planaraudio.hu
Limited Edition Audio kft. Bölöni György u. 9., HU 1021 Budapest.
Phone/Fax: +36 1 392 7651. Email: magnepan at freemail.hu

LISYS Lighting Systems
Distributes Ortofon.
Homepage: http://www.lisys.hu
LISYS Lighting Systems Co. Ltd., Kassák Lajos u. 81, HU-1134 Budapest.
Tel: +36 1 359 9841. Fax: +36 1 359 0360. E-mail: molnar.ferenc at lisys.hu.

Magic Sound
Imports Avalon Acoustics, Cardas, CEC, Graaf, Jeff Rowland, Manley Labs, Vanderdsteen and Wadia.
Homepage: http://www.highendaudio.hu
Magic Sound KFT., 129 Sajo Street, Székesfehéruár, Hungary, H-8000.
Tel: +36 22 385 394. Fax: +36 22 379 815. Email: magicsound at highendaudio.hu.

Merlin Audio
Distributes Audio Note/Kondo.
Homepage: http://www.analog.hu

Penna Poor KFT.
Distributes Accuphase, Audience, Audion, dCS, Kimber Kable, Michell Engineering, Oyaide, Proac, Shakti Innovations and YBA.
Homepage: http://www.ppaudio.hu
Penna Poor Audio, 1025 Budapest, Törökvész út 95-97/D, Hungary.
Tel: +325 9446 or 325-8772. Tel/Fax: +325 9430. Email: ppaudio at mail.matav.hu.

Premium Audio
Distributes Aurum Cantus, Cayin, Dussun, Opera Audio, Shenzhen Shanling and Xindak.
Homepage: http://www.premiumaudio.eu
Premium Audio, Daróci u. 1-3, H-1113 Budapest.
Tel: +36 (1) 801 8200. Fax: +36 (1) 372 5260. E-Mail: info at premiumaudio.eu.

PS Audio
Distributes Acoustic Zen amongst other brands.
PS Audio C/O, Aquila KFT, 4015 Debrechen, PO Box 8, Hungary.
Tel: +36 524 56744. Fax: +36 524 56744..

Superior Audio Video
Distributes Acoustic System International and Fast Audio.
Superior Audio & Video Ltd., Brody Sandor u. 23/a, H-1088 Budapest.
E-Mail: udvardy at superioraudio.hu.

Distributes Ecosse in Hungary and Slovakia.
Symfonia KFT., Monus Illes ut 25., Gyor 9024 Hungary.
E-mail: symfonia at freemail.hu.

Ultimate Audio
Distributes Analysis Plus, Anthem, Audio Aéro and Paradigm.
Homepage: http://www.ultimateaudio.hu
Ultimate Audio Kft., 1037 Budapest.
Tel: +06 30 376 2314. Fax: +0630 684 9076. E-Mail: info at ultimateaudio.hu.

See also: Bieda Agency (Holfi).

Europewide distributors : Dynavector Superstereo, Hamburger Hi-Fi Import (CEC), HiFI Matters (Aurios), in and High End Store Gerds (KEA Audio).

Hungarian distributors of professional audio, theatrical, lighting and musical instrument products

Pako KFT
Hungarian company that is primarily a retailer of pro-audio, DJ, Lighting and musical instruments but also distributes similar product lines locally from manufactures such as Akai Professional, Alesis, Antari, Audio Innovate, Chauvet Lighting, Cortex, dB Technologies, GE Lighting, Gemini, iKey Audio, KV2 Audio, KX Audio, Laserworld, Litestructures, Mixmeister, Native Instruments, Numark, RCF, SFAT, Smithson Martín, VMB and 18 Sound.
Homepage: http://pako.hu
Pako KFT, Nagy Lajos kir utja 99/b, Budapest 1149, Hungary.
Tel: +36 13635085. Fax: +36 13635080..

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