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Currently active record player manufacturers. R to Z

Radio Shack
The US arm of the company sells the Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Turntable w/Pre-Amp which has to be one of the catchier names that has been given to a turntable, the Canadian branches however sell their own branded Optimus Lab 1100 budget auto with a built in phono preamp.

Makes the Continuo and Continuo Reference Granite decks, those are mid/high end suspended tables that use the company's own Cantus tangential tonearm, .

Makes one of those budget players with a built in preamp intended for use with a Mini sytem, no info on the RCA site but Radio Shack lists it in their catalogue.

RCA (Music systems) See --> Polyconcept USA Turntables

One of the offshots of the Teres project (see below), intend (or are, this is a bit unclear) an improved version of the Teres for commercial release.

Makes the well known and generally well regarded P line of turntables (formerly known as Planar), including the budget P2 in a recently upgraded version called P2/2000, it comes with the company's RB 250 tonearm as standard. The P3 is also in an upgraded version called P3 MkII, wich represents an very good price/performance ratio especially in the UK and comes with the RB 300 tonearm. The P 9 is their top of the line turntable and was updated in 2002 with structural enhancements and sports a new look more in line with the rest of the Rega hi-fi range, it also has an upgraded arm in the form of the new RB 1000 arm. Finally the company makes the Planar 78 for the vintage enthuaist, it's a (it only plays 78's). Unusually for modern british decks none of players from Rega are suspended designs.

Rek-O-Kut See --> Esosteric Sound's Rek-o-Kut Turntables

Has a wide range of DJ turntables, mid to high end under their own name and budget versions under the Jaytec brand.

Makes the TTL-8600 which is in actually the Bush MT-T1 repackaged for the European market where the Bush trademark is relatievly unknown, the TTL-8642/S is a semi-automatic belt driven midi sized deck which sells for a bargain price and is in many ways similar to the 8600 but has a full size platter, there appears to be no real info on that model available on the web but except that the included pickup is magnetic, however the included docs indicate that rumble is alledgedly less than 30dB, the motor is DC and speed fluctuations are less than 0,25%. The company also has the TTR-8630 which is basically a Roadstar badged version of the Bush RPA-1 with an integrated radio, 1,5w amplifier and speakers, dirt cheap, list price is just above the TTL-8600 but is commonly discounted way below that and at those prices an unqalified bargain, but hi-fi it is not.

Rockport Technologies
US based maker of ultra high end tables such as Sirius System 3, that deck has been reviewed by Stereophile.

Manufactures the high end Touraj Moghaddam Signature turntable and the slighly more afforable Xerex X (10).

Rolf Kelch
Makes the Reference II and the Baby Blue but there is precioucly little information on that model on their homepage.

Rossner & Sohn

Sanibel Sound
Manufacture a high end turntable called Ameca 2.

Makes the ultra high end Ultimate Transference deck.

This company pioneered the idea of a high end turnable sold as kit, this meant great savings, the possibility to compleatly customised deck and also to start out with relatively cheap components and then upgrade the deck to a better specification at a later date. VBut have more strated to sell their decks as finished products, namely the Quadrant an deck with a string driven heavy acrylic platter and is usually shipped with the company's own arm, the Black Beauty is a cheaper deck that has a slightly thinner platter and is usually shipped armless, the White Beauty is a variant of that deck that has a platter made out of clear acrylic rathar then black. The company offers 3 full kits called Beton, Holz and Granite but you can also buy any of the components seperatly and add to your own design or mix'n'match a table from a blend of those 3 variations, they have a page showing some examples of just that. And the prices are cery resonable. Note that these are sold in the US as Eurokits.

The company has a couple of automatic home decks for sale in Europe but no info on their homepage.

Simon Yorke Design
Makes a archival turntable that is designed more like an EMT or Telefunken broadcast turntable than an archival one. Expencive. Apparently also has a more conventional ones available, more info on his homepage.

Simply Black
Manufactures two mid/high end turntables, the Model 330 and the Classic.

SME ltd.
Manufacture a series of high end turntables, the Model 10 is their "budget" turntable at around £ 3000 with a simplified version of the Series V arm (only available with this turntable), this is a suspended design like their more expencive models and indeed it uses many of the parts that the 20 uses but it does not have the massive (and visually attractive) suspension structure, hence the much lower price. The model 10 has been getting rave reviews, here is Stereophile's take on the turntable. The Model 20/2 is a suspended design with 32 O-rings and a heavy platter, it's construction is much more complicated than the 10 and thus much more costly. The top of the line turntable from SME ltd. is the Model 30, it built similarly to the 20 but with "more of everything", 48 O-rings, a heavy platter and even the motor wheighs in at 2.5 kilos (The turntable in total is 42 kilos). At the time of it's introduction the 30/2 was considered by many to be the best turntable of all time, although lately it has been facing stiff competition from new "massive platter" designs like the Clearaudio Turntables, Gabriel and Stabi XL Kuzma Turntables.

This US based manufacturer has a bit of an odd reputation in the business, while no-one questions the capabilites of the decks they make, they do look a bit "rough" or unfinished (as in "did you build this yourself ?"), this has hampered their reputation somwhat esp. in Europe and furthermore getting information from the company can be a bit difficult while their service can be quite good, esp when it comes to upgrades. Newertheless SOTA has no fewer that 10 models to choose from, their top of the range model is the Millenia, a fairly heavy system with an independent motor and a vacum system, the Star Shappire is a more traditional sping suspended system that also features a vacum system, and the Shappire is the same deck without an vacum.

Sound By Design
Makes a high end 4 point suspended design called Quasar that sports an external motor, base and suspension made out of solid brass and an acrylic platter, it's made in 4 variations, the first is the Quasar 2T a variaton that has 2 sliders so It can accept 2 tonearms, the Chrome Gold that has crome plated base, the Limited Edition which sits on a coloured glass plate for a pleasing apperance and then there is the Signature Gold. Interestingly the plinth is a sliding acrylic board so the Quasar will accept any size of arm.

Still has a few turntables in it's catalogue even if it is not the force it was in turntable manufacturing that it was a cople of decades back. The PS-LX250H is an budget midi automatic belt driven model and is absoluetly typical for such a model with a built in RIAA preamp and so on, more info here (USA) or here (UK), the company also sells an even cheaper Midi deck in Europe called the PS-J20, this appears to be basically the same unit as the Bush MT-T1 and as such is an exellent buy at a low enough price, info here. The PS-LX350H is a bit odd however, it's essentially a low budget belt driven DJ turntable that is sold as a home deck, as with other DJ decks it is a fully manual unit that sports a pitch control and comes with an S-shaped arm with a detachable headshell in addition to the usual, the price of the LX350H has also been lowered during the last couple of years making the unit more competirive, more info if you want it.

Special Audio Components (SAC)
Makes the Girati Grande a huge high end deck that can support 2 tonearms.

Spiral Groove
Makes a high end turntable called RPM that is an upate of the old Immedia deck of the same name.

Makes the La Luce and Centoventi turntables, these are reference class decks designed by Judith Spotheim-Koreneef, one of the few female high end designers. The clear acrylic platter has steel wheights inserted into it to make it heavier, not only does this work well on the sound of the table it also makes it look like a space age sculpture.

Stanton Magnetics
Makes the STR8-150, the company specialises in manufacturin DJ products and hence all decks manufactured by Stanton are squarely intended for that market.

Symphonic Line
Has one high end turntable in it's catalogue.

Systemdeck See --> Audio Note Turntables

While this company is not traditionally a turntable manufacturer it is a long standing manufacturer of high en analogue audio and decided to celebrate their 25th annaversary in November 2004 by introducing a new turntable that they call G 10. This is in some respects an unortodox design but very successful as such, while technically a fairly ordinary design with a suspended chassis and a synchronus AC motor the company has used a couple of uniqe technical solutions to solve some of the problems inherent in such a design as for instance to condition the AC electricity in real time using DSP's which is a novel solution to say the least. There are 2 basic variations of the player available, the G 10 R is supplied with a Rega sourced tonearm (this appers to be a model somwhere in between the 300 and the 600) and a Benz Micro C5 high output moving coil pickup while the more upmarket G 10 S is suplyed with a Benz C10 low output moving coil and a SME ltd. arm, additionally the player can be had with a built in RIAA preamplifier.

Makes 2 tables, both belt driven and fully automatic P-A688 a deck that is intended to mate with their Mini and Midi system and has a built in RIAA preamp, and the P-988 a more traditional Japanese budget deck. Apart from those 2 TEAC is one of the last company that makes integrated systems that feature turntables, their Nostaglia line is designed to look like an old time radio sets, visually some of them are not a sucess, but 2 of those models have interestingly enough a triple speed turntable built in that supports the playback of 78'rpm records.

Makes some of the best selling turntables in the world, their 2 budget automatic belt diven turntables, the SL-BD20D and the upgraded SL-BD22 are probably the most widely available decks on the market, those 2 tables also have an excellent reputation for reliability and are for that reason popular amongst small manufacturers that modify decks for use with 16 & 78 rpm shellac, they do not have as glowing reputation for sound quality however. The company also manufacturers the ever popular SP-1200 deck in 3 version the standard Mk II, the Mk II PK and the 1200 M3D variant, while this is a rock solid deck ideally suited for it's purpose it's not reccommended for home use. Nevertherless the model is wildly popular in it's market sector and there are 2 mailing lists dedicated to the model, the 1200s list and the Backspin List.

Has produced a DIY high end turntable design and is working on a kit version of it.

Makes the MT-PH01 which is a low budget fully automatic Midi sized turntable. It is basically very similar to the Bush MT-T1 and others sold under a variety of names except this unit comes with a Ceramic pickup rather than a magnetic one like the Bush which is a major letdown in sound quality, but this model should be cheap and easier to find in the Americas than the Bush and it's siblings. Technosonic also make the MT-PH02 an integrated tabletop unit that has a built in amplifier, loudspeakers and tuner, it is actually believed to have the same ceramic cartridge as the PH01.

Makes high end decks, ususually broad range for a maker of this type, sadly their homepage is undeveloped but one of their dealers has a good page outlineing their models. If your German is not all that hot I'll give a short description here. The Leonardo 25 is the cheapest model from the company and has a clear acrylic platter, it's normally shipped with a modified Rega RB 250 arm that the company calls RB 2.5 but you can get it without an arm. Next up is the Super Seven also available in a version with a heavy acrylic platter called simply Super Seven High End the sevens are not usually sold with a arm but come with a base plate drilled for SME, next is the Nero S and the Galileo 40 that are normally also shipped with the RB 2.5 arm they have a black platter made out of a a composite of carbon fibre and acrylic, the Rhondo II is next in line and is usually shipped without an arm and features a more convetional acrylic platter. The Sirius is a nice looking compact turntable with a chassi and platter made out of polished aluminium. The Pianta S 60 can accomedate 2 tonearms and you can get a higher (and heavier) platter for that model along with a extra motor and a longer tonarm board that will allow you to have a 9" and a 12" tonearm, you can also buy the deck with the longer board as the Pianta SL80. Fat Bob is a model witha a base and platter made out of polished aluminium that can take upto 3 tonearms and can be bought with 1 or 2 motors.

US Blaster
Has a small number of DJ oriented record players, the USB 7360 is a low budget belt driven deck while the USB 7361 is a low budget direct drive one, both are pretty standard fare and the only real difference between them is the drive configuration. The USB 7362 is more upmarket and features a pitch & BPM led readout, better pickup and motor while the USB 7364 is a variant of the 7362 with a proper strobe and an unusually strong motor (e.g. twice as much Torque as the cheaper variant). The USB 7329 is something more unusual however, it is a combination of a high torque motor direct drive turntable and a MP3 compatiable CD player, unusually the tonearm is standard and removeble, in which case and you can use the turntable platter to contol the CD to simulate scratching etc. It also has a number of unusual digital features not seen on record players such as a programmable loops, digital anti shock, suspend mode and MP3 Tag edit in addition of all kinds of more usual digital functions such as syncronisation and interoperationability with the built in CD player, supports the play back of 78 RPM records. All of the US Blaster decks come with a pickup and more info on the lineup can from the company's homepage.

J. C. Verdier
French maker that makes a stunning magnetically levitated high end turntable.

This manufacturer makes a line of DJ turntables that are known for their superior tracking ability rather than out and out sound quality, this quality means that they are often seen in a brodcast enviroment. They also have a model or 2 of turntables intended for home use, best selling of those is the BDT-2000 a good looking deck with a built in RIAA preamp and the tracking ability of a DJ deck. Those of you that work on the archival of 78rpm's shuld note that Vestax has a model available with the unusually high variable speed ratio of 50% that gives you the ability to go upto 98 rpm's and is ideal for those pre 1920's shellacs. But the most stunning product from the company is the VRX-2000 an instant record CUTTER! So you can make your own LP's at long last and thumb your nose at those Compact Disk Recordable owners while you are at it.

VPI Industries
Makes a range of mid to high end turntables, their lowest priced model is the HW19 MkIV you can read a review of an earlier incarnation of it here.

Italian manufacturer of high end turntables, their "Indian Signature" model is reviewed here.

Walker Audio
Makes the Proscenium turntable, one of those high end tables that is based around an air bearing like the Forsell, also sells a precision replacement motor for other turntables.

Well Tempered Lab
Makes a high end turntable called simply The Record Player and even more expencive variants of it called Classic and the Reference, if I understand this correctly the tables are usually shipped with arms from the company bearing the same name as the decks.

Wilson Benesch
Makes 2 well regarded turntables, the upmarket ultralight Circle and the more traditional Wilson.

This company still makes a couple of jukeboxes that can play 45 rpm 7" records, don't look at me like this ... they are technically record players even if a bit spesialised.

Make the S4 and S5 models, these are somewhat massive tables milled out of stainless steel and the S4 has become something of a reference by which other record players are judged by in central Europe. The S5 version is the same as the S4 except that it has an enclosure made out of stone and glass. These turntables have also been sold under the Cello brand.

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